Turn Your Cluttered Basement Into a Usable Living Space

Take advantage of our basement cleanout services in St. Louis, MO

Many homeowners who feel like they need more space aren't getting full use out of their basements. If your basement is being used as a storage dumping ground, hire Allen's Hauling Services to provide basement cleanout services in St. Louis, MO. We'll help you clear the way for your basement finishing project in no time.

Hire our professional basement cleanout crew today.

What to know before you contact us

Want to make your basement cleanout go off without a hitch? Check out these tips to complete a professional basement cleanout.

Before you call our crew, divide your belongings into four clearly marked piles. These piles should be labeled:

  • The donate pile - if your unwanted items are in good shape, pass them on to someone who can use them
  • The junk pile - when you come across items that are damaged or outdated, our crew can haul them to the dump
  • The move pile - when you find items that would be better used in different parts of your home, set them aside to be relocated
  • The keep pile - while you're cleaning out your basement, make sure family heirlooms, quality furniture and desirable décor are clearly labeled

Once your possessions are organized in this way, call 314-581-7274 to schedule basement cleanout services.